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My reaL name is NicaeL Ram0s. I L0ve making new friends but I d0n't kn0w h0w. I'm n0t g0od when it c0mes t0 appr0achin pe0pLe. That's why I created this bL0g s0 that pe0pLe wiLL kn0w the real me.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

WaLang KadaLa-daLa

Haay.....what a day! My Legs are aching! (KaLa ny0 Lik0d k0 n0h?!)I'm extremeLy tired. We practiced f0r 0ur interpretative dance (akaLain k0ng nasaLi k0h d0n). I Like my r0Le there. Ate Kat, L0rica and I are Christians. The dance is ab0ut the PhiLippines' d0omed Life and RizeLLe wiLL pLay the r0Le. Mebs is aLs0 part 0f it. She wiLL be a high-cLass gurL (220 naman yun eh. Yaman ng babaitang yan! hehe!). Kakapag0d! At Least were excused 0n s0me 0f 0ur cLasses. S0me 0f the test papers were given t0 us aLready. I'm s0 gLad that I d0n't have a faiLing grade s0 far.

Even th0ugh the day is very tiring, I'm very happy! My best friends Chacha and Nessa fixed (pLayed?) with my hair. The 0utput- I L0oked Like Rica PeraLej0 in Martyr Nyebera. Wahaha! Medy0 maguL0 nga Lang. ALm0st every0ne in the r0om L00oked at me and t0Ld me "Ang cute m0 nica!" "Hindi pantay" "Ang cute m0". My friends James and Vincent acted Like Chinese. Wahaha! May mga nagsabi pa nga "NicaeL, ikaw ba yan?" Grabeh! M0ment it0h! Tnx t0 Nessa and Chacha! L0ve y0u guys!

Mrs. Bri0nes had a bad ann0uncement a whiLe ag0 (weLL, para samin Lng niLa Mebs). She said that aLL the b0ys wiLL j0in the bus 0f Mark Secti0n f0r 0ur retreat. Whaaaat! This means that we d0n't have space anym0re. Huhuhuhu! Sana naman isingit (t0 Mebs: singit ha hndi siNGET) kmi dun! PLz....... Huhuhuhuhu tLaga! Anyway, I can d0 n0thing anym0re. I just wish that we'LL j0in the Mark secti0n in the cabin.

NewsfLash!!!! F0r the very 1st time in PhiLippine hist0ry.....I finished my h0mew0rk in aLgebra. C0ngratuLate me! Wahahaha! Per0 sa 220 Lng di k0 aLam kung tama ung s0Luti0n k0. Hehehe! Uy, ginawa k0 din ung sa ge0m k0h. Hehe! Here's my s0ng f0r t0day....0uch! My back is aching!

S0ng f0r t0day:

Laging naniniwaLa hindi nagsasawa
NahiL0 sa gayuma kaya nawawaLa
Laging umaasa an0 bang mer0n sya?
PauLit-uLit Lang naman pinapaik0t ka

WaLang kadaLa-daLa napapatuLaLa
WaLang kadaLa-daLa naghihintay sa waLa

NiLum0t na ang Lupa waLa pa ring tiyak
Napag0d na ang Lupa di na makaiyak
Sana ay matauhan pus0ng nakabitin
KaLimutan m0 na sya't ak0 ang pansisin

WaLang kadaLa-daLa napapatuLaLa
WaLang kadaLa-daLa naghihintay sa waLa


WaLang kadaLa-daLa napapatuLaLa
WaLang kadaLa-daLa napapatuLaLa
Hindi nadadaLa nadadaLa nadadaLa
Hindi nadadaLa nadadaLa nadadaLa
Hindi nadadaLa nadadaLa nadadaLa
Naghihintay sa waLa

-WaLang kadaLa-daLa by Sandwich

Kei It0, we'LL miss u! Take care and G0d bLess u! Miss u Vi0fetta! PLs. visit my 0ther site www.niyael.multiply.com thank u very much! Mwah!

-NiYaeL GurL

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