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Monday, October 02, 2006

Life Support....

I hate it...I hate it so much! Ateneo lost the 69th UAAP. My gas! I'm in a bad mood right now. But I had a great time at school.

I saw akin many times. We met each other's eyes twice! Woohoo!! Hehe! First, I was walking up the stairs while he was going to the C.R. Second, while I was at the door of our classroom (searching for i saw). He passed by me then turned around. Haay...i luv u akin!!

I also saw i saw many times. First- in the covered court (playing badminton); second- we were going back to our classroom from the computer room. Yikes!! Nikikilig ako! Wahehe!

Algebra- nakakaantok...
A.P.- laughablez...wahehe!
Recess- 2 muffins (really yummy!), mineral water
Computer- I can't open my file!
English- ang bagal ng time...
Lunch- Tiim and mineral water
B.R.S.- masaya! I was the one who answered the blah...blah...blah...
Bio- I recited well. Nabunot ko kasi ung pinakamadali...wahehe!
Geom- ah...nakapasa ko sa test! Pero not 80 and above. 79! Nak ng!
Filipino- oki lng...nakakatuwa...

I'm excited for our field trip already! Only tha pilot sections have the chance to go to this trip. P950.00 and fee. Sana payagan ako.

I'm still angry! But I still love Chris Tiu. He did well! Wahehe!

Song for the day:

Sarcastic smiles and fake hellos
We try to hide but always
Leave an open door behind
To escape from reality

Why are you crying?
Why are you crying?


It felt so sure but we said no
We're throwing lies at someone
We don't know
We don't know
From this reality

Why can't we risk our lives
For something that we can't deny
We try to run from something
We don't know
We don't know
Is this reality?
Is this reality?

Why are you crying?
Why are you crying?


I feel so sorry
I feel so sorry
I feel so sorry
I feel so sorry

I feel so sorry
For me...

-Life Support by Hale

It's a nice song.

Pabati Corner:
-ADMU, oki lang yan! The best pa din kau! Go Blue Eagles!!
-Chris Tiu, the best ka pa din!!
-Cezzy, ang hirap maghanap ng pics para sa Bio ha!
-akin, ang kyut kyut moh!
-Maybes, kaya mo yan!
-Thel, buti bumili ka na ng nips. Wahehe!
-Ma'am, dalian nyo po test ha!
-Contestants ng Voice Quest, galingan nyo!
-H.L. McCutchen, LightLand 2 plz....


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